Ubuntu Developer Summit – Jaunty

After a great few weeks coming up to speed on the Ubuntu, Debian, and Canonical ways of doing things, This week I’m at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (USD), hosted at Google headquarters.

We’ll be planning and brainstorming for Jaunty. I know that for every Ubuntu developer who is here, there are thousands who would like to be, so I’ll try to post what I can about the kernel track sessions, which is where I’ll be spending most of my time.

More infor here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSJaunty

Sessions should be streamed here: http://icecast.ubuntu.com/

About Steve

I'm Steve Conklin, AI4QR I'm employed by Salesforce, on the SRE team for Heroku. Interests include Linux, open source software and hardware, electronics and music, and amateur radio.
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