ARRL Field Day

For some amateur radio operators, the annual Field Day is a big deal. Here in Madison County, Al we put on a pretty big effort, and get to practice our rapid-response skills and be competitive at the same time.

If you are at all curious and want to see a lot of different aspects of Amateur Radio all in one place, come visit this weekend. There will be lots of hams there to talk to about everything that’s going on, and non-hams can even talk on the air, under the supervision of a licensed operator.

While the on-air competitive portion of field day starts Saturday at 1:00 PM and ends Sunday at 1:00 PM, we’ll be starting work at 1:00 PM Today (Friday, June 25th) – putting up four 50’ antenna towers, a satellite ground station, and a VHF/UHF station.

Our location is  250 Business Park Blvd, Madison 35758, just south of I-565.

Here is a google map.

About Steve

I'm Steve Conklin, AI4QR I'm employed by Salesforce, on the SRE team for Heroku. Interests include Linux, open source software and hardware, electronics and music, and amateur radio.
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