Ubuntu and Amateur Radio for Ubuntu Open Week

Please join us on Tuesday, May 3rd at 16:00 UTC for:

Ubuntu and Amateur (Ham) Radio for Ubuntu Open Week

Steve Conklin AI4QR, and Kamal Mostafa KA6MAL

Curious about what you can do with Amateur Radio and Ubuntu?
Curious about Amateur Radio in general?

Steve and Kamal will take questions and do their best to answer them.


Amateur Radio is a hobby and a public service enjoyed by at least a million people around the world. Whether you are interested in transmitting and receiving radio signals around the world to meet new people, in being of service after disasters, or in the technical aspects, there is probably something for you.

Amateur Radio covers a huge number of interests, including local and long distance communications, emergency communications, satellite communications, digital networks, competitions, and electronics design.

Ubuntu offers many software applications related to Amateur Radio. We’ll discuss some of our favorite apps for use in the “ham shack”, and show how you can receive and decode digital conversations and telemetry with Ubuntu and any shortwave radio receiver (no Amateur Radio license required!).

We will be holding an open Question and Answer session:

When: Tuesday May 3rd at 16:00 UTC

Where: In the #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat channels on freenode IRC.

For more information about IRC:

Here’s a web client for IRC:

You don’t have to wait until the session to learn more about Ubuntu and Amateur Radio and meet other interested people. Check out our team information page or drop into #ubuntu-hams on freenode IRC.

73, DE AI4QR

About Steve

I'm Steve Conklin, AI4QR I'm employed by Salesforce, on the SRE team for Heroku. Interests include Linux, open source software and hardware, electronics and music, and amateur radio.
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