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Efficient String Concatenation in Python

Efficient String Concatenation in Python I stumbled across this while doing some midnight hacking last night. Interesting stuff.

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Package management – Ubuntu/Fedora

Package management – Ubuntu/Fedora Linux Magazine compares Package management between Fedora and Ubuntu. Ubuntu looks pretty good. So good that the article uses the word “trounced”.

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Great kernel information

Great kernel information Colin’s been on a tear lately, posting some really excellent information about Linux – power savings, kernel debugging, and comments on some recent benchmarks.

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The (Siren) Song of the Laser

The (Siren) Song of the Laser Great post about the enabling power that tools can have. Last week while visiting NYC Resistor, Bre (or Adam) told me that once you start making things with the laser cutter and 3d printer, it … Continue reading

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Apport Check this out – it’s a slick tools for grabbing troubleshooting information and sending it to support. It’s extensible, which means any package developer can add hooks to gather information specific to their package.

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