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How to really help in a disaster

A few words about disasters . . . The best way to help the people in Japan is with cash. Blankets, shoes, books, and other physical goods are counter-productive. Cash travels to the most effective place for the acquisition of … Continue reading

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remaining Knitting machine source published

As announced over on the antitronics blog, I’ve finally gotten around to publishing the remaining source code and documentation I have for the brother knitting machine. The new files are mostly scripts I used to help decipher the Brother data … Continue reading

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Buffer Bloat and network performance

This post is really well written and should probably be required reading for network geeks. I think it might explain some of the problems I was seeing before I dropped my DSL provider and moved to Knology cable, which I’ve … Continue reading

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Beware Imposed Agility

A few weeks ago at a wedding reception I was making small talk, and was introduced as someone who “works for Canonical”. One of the people in the circle immediately said “OH!, you do Agile development! We’re training for that … Continue reading

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Calibrating the softrock RX/TX Ensemble on Ubuntu

Continuing my exploration of SDR and the Softrock RX/TX Ensemble … You can catch the beginning of those posts here. The programmable oscillator on the softrock runs (in my case) at four times the desired mixer frequency. My unit is … Continue reading

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New Ubuntu Lucid proposed kernel

The Ubuntu kernel team has prepared a new proposed kernel for Lucid (2.6.32-25.43), containing a large number of fixes. This is a larger number of updates than we would usually push at one time, but processing of the upstream stable … Continue reading

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