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Amateur radio operators: How to prepare to assist in disasters

In a previous post, I covered a bunch of ways in which you can prepare to be useful after a disaster. If you’re interested in helping as a radio amateur, or you’re already a ham and want to get more … Continue reading

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How to prepare for your family for the next Disaster

I’ve written that my family was well prepared to survive with no power for a week. There’s a mnemonic that someone taught me sometime during some disaster prep training. The fact that I can remember the mnemonic and not where … Continue reading

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Another first-person account of the tornado event here

Here’s another first-person account of April 27th and after, with some really informative links to some weather resources about the event.

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April 27th 2011 tornadoes, and the week following

I’m transitioning from the last week of disaster recovery back to my ‘normal’ working days, and wanted to dump a sort of record of events here before I forget. I have other posts planned, about how to prepare if you … Continue reading

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The Second Cooler, a documentary film

The Second Cooler is an amazing film. I’ve been following the production sort of third hand, as I know someone working on the project. Martin Sheen and Microwave Dave? Good projects pull great people. If you are so moved, they could … Continue reading

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Preparedness and amateur radio

We’re very lucky in Madison County and in the entire state of Alabama to have a capable group of radio amateurs who are involved with the emergency and disaster response planning at both state and county levels. We train and … Continue reading

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