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Ubuntu File System Benchmarking

UPDATE: The URLs below are dead. I no longer work at Canonical, and don’t know if file system benchmarking is still part of their kernel testing process.   I’ve been working to implement file system benchmarking as part of the … Continue reading

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Antenna modeling using nec2c on Ubuntu Linux

New Thing! Video! I’ve been playing with antenna modeling, and decided to make a video series introducing this to other people who may be interested. I’m new to this, but I think it came out pretty well. I only misspoke … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing incentives, and applications for open source communities

While it’s only a single study (disclaimer, blah blah blah), Here is some interesting data to consider for everyone involved in open source projects which have a community, or would like to. Especially for corporations for whom a community is … Continue reading

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Rescheduled: Ubuntu and Amateur (Ham) Radio for Ubuntu Open Week

Note that this was rescheduled due to me being busy with disaster recovery. We can talk about that, too if anyone is interested. — Please join us on Friday, May 6th at 14:00 UTC for: Ubuntu and Amateur (Ham) Radio … Continue reading

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April 27th 2011 tornadoes, and the week following

I’m transitioning from the last week of disaster recovery back to my ‘normal’ working days, and wanted to dump a sort of record of events here before I forget. I have other posts planned, about how to prepare if you … Continue reading

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Ubuntu and NGOs

Service to others is valuable. I’m not sure whether there’s more value to those served or to those performing the service. I’ve seen this in many settings – Service to the American Red Cross, Service providing emergency and disaster communications, … Continue reading

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